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Rothmans World Rallying 5. M Holmes (Tweedehands)

Rothmans World Rallying 5. M Holmes (Tweedehands)

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Rothmans World Rallying annual books have, since their introduction in 1979. become the leading reference book for this fast-expanding sport.With an emphasis on the events counting towards the world championship. the travelling by the authors has led to connections which provide information from countries where many people never knew rallying existed!For annual number 5 (covering the 1982 season). many innovations have been introduced In response to demand, considerably more colour has been included, whilst further stage-by-stage data from the world championship rallies has also been added.National championship activities in each country where rallying exists has been reported for the first time. but probably the most innovative change is the listing of world-class drivers' records giving results for every World Championship rally entered — not Just those which led to success.Special features include an introduction to the Sports Relations department of Adam Opel. who this year have prepared the Rothmans cars used by Walter Rohrl and British Open champion Jimmy McRae.David Sutton. for years the doyen of private team operators. gives his thoughts on his career and the sport he serves and we investigate the strange phenomenon of 1982 — the year of the prototype rally cars.

Het boek heeft 240 pagina's, zwart/wit en kleuren foto's. Gebonden met omslag en kleuren foto's. Engelstalig. In redelijke staat.

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ISBN 9780907574231
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