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Rothmans World Rallying 4. M Holmes (Tweedehands)

Rothmans World Rallying 4. M Holmes (Tweedehands)

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Foreword by Ari Vatanen 1981 World Champion Rally Driver ROTHMANS WORLD RALLYING 4 continues the association with Rothmans and the world's foremost annual review of national and international rallying, WORLD RALLYING, by Martin Holmes and Hugh Bishop. Here is the standard reference work on the 1981 season. This established annual in-depth study treats the longstanding and knowledgeable enthusiast to all the data he needs to confirm his understanding of this exciting and rapidly growing sport, yet does not swamp the passing rally bystander with 'technicalities' he doesn't want to read. It's in one, a high quality record book and a fascinating browse. Again there are hundreds of fresh black and white photographs specially taken for the book together with a beautiful colour gallery of the year's most exciting rally cars and events. Detail coverage is given to all the World Championship events, their results and highlights. There's a number of topical features, a rally car review and driver analysis. ROTHMANS WORLD RALLYING 4 provides the most comprehensive and historically apt review of the 1981 season. Rothmans are, of course, well known in the world of international rallying both for their support of the Rothmans team and for event/championships.The authors. For those enthusiasts who study rallying the informal partnership of Martin Holmes and Hugh Bishop requires absolutely no introduction. For those coming for the first time to WORLD RALLYING they can be described as simply the best 'combination' in rallying journalism. Martin writes most of the words while Hugh takes most of the photographs, although both do the other thing equally as well. Author of several books Martin Holmes is an ex-lawyer turned rally journalist. His writings, including a regular column in Motor magazine and numerous others in several languages take him around the world. The compilation of WORLD RALLYING requires constant reporting and filing for him twelve months of the year. Hugh Bishop's photographic work is the standard by which all others is judged. Often using two cameras at once Hugh manages to be in the right place at the right time no matter what the occasion or location. If an event is of any importance the chances are that Hugh will be there.

Het boek heeft 160 pagina's, zwart/wit en kleuren foto's. Engelstalig. Gebonden met omslag. In redelijke staat.

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