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Citroën 2 CV The Ugly Duckling. Door Ernst Altena (Antiquarisch)

Citroën 2 CV The Ugly Duckling. Door Ernst Altena (Antiquarisch)

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The book is a light-hearted look at the life and times of the 2CV. Illustrated throughout in colour and b&w, it features some 'tall stories' and unusual photos, and charts the history of the 2CV from the pre-war prototype through the first production cars to the fully evolved models of today. It starts with a short but interesting account of the origins of the 2CV and includes such chapters as Comic 2CV, epic journeys, cultural 2CV, and 'rare birds and one-offs'. For such a small car the 2CV's feats are totally amazing. 'Ugly Ducklings' have climbed mountains (like goats), crossed deserts (like camels), played reindeer in the icy North and - perhaps more duck like - have even navigated the English Channel. All these exploits, together with the way the 2CV has invaded the art, literature and folklore of modern life, are touched upon in this colourful look at Citroën's eternal Deux Chevaux.

112 Pagina's, veel kleuren en zwart/wit foto's en tekeningen. Engelstalig. Gebonden. In uitstekende staat.

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Taal Engels
ISBN 9780854295517
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